3D Scanning Technology

In 2013, the Klick Foundation chose to expand the 3D capabilities beyond just printing. With the touch of a button, LPX Series 3D laser scanners can generate a detailed CAD model with a 0.008-inch resolution and a watertight surface.
Bundled LPX EZ Studio reverse engineering software automatically scans, fills holes, aligns, decimates, and merges planes of 3D models. LPX EZ Studio then exports them as point cloud data that can be easily used directly in SolidWorks 2007 Office Premium and other CAD software.
Coupled with the 3D printing technology, the Klick Foundation's  LPX-600 model of the 3D scanner will further enhance the Foundation's technology for use in education, manufacturing, and other practical applications.

LPX Series 3D Laser Scanner Specs