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The Klick Foundation: The Story Behind the Story

The Klick Foundation was established in 2007 by the Stephen R. Klick family to celebrate an act of charity and memorialize an example of entrepreneurial spirit demonstrated by his mother in 1981.
During March of 1981, Mr. Klick's young business was in danger of going out of business. After she realized that an emergency existed, Steve's mother invited him to his hometown and while he was there, she gave him her entire life savings to help his business move forward.
Three years later, Steve paid the full amount of principal back to his mother on her 70th birthday; however, when he tried to pay the interest on the note, his mother would not hear of it and was actually offended. She said, "You don't understand one thing you hear in church on Sunday. There is not interest between family members since it was a gift from God that I had the money to lend in the first place."
In memory of that lesson, the Klick Foundation was funded when Mr. Klick sold his business with assets to give $12.5M in grants over a period of 25 years.