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Grants & Funding

The Klick Foundation is a private foundation and will make annual distributions to other organizations for religious and charitable purposes as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation.

Organizations who receive funds will typically themselves be tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and classified as public charities.

As potential grant recipients are identified, a Board member or appointed representative most familiar with the prospective grant recipient will arrange a meeting to follow-up on the questions outlined below to assist in determining eligibility and financial need.

Based upon further discussions and a potential review by the Board, an agreed upon support level may be approved. Prior to any funding, the 
Board anticipates meeting with the potential grant recipients, although this is not required in some cases.

The Foundation will keep records of each potential recipient, including all supporting materials, along with records of each approved grant recipient, the amount and purpose of the grant, and the uses to which the grant is applied. The Foundation anticipates following up at least annually with all recipients to ensure the funds are being used properly and the objectives of the funds are being accomplished.

The Foundation will only make contributions to properly identified tax exempt organizations and will not make gifts to individuals or non-tax exempt entities. At the present time, the Foundation does not accept outside requests or applications, but supports organizations known to the Board or other family members. If you are familiar with the Board or family members and would like to be considered for a future grant application, please contact the Foundation.