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Mission & Purpose

The Klick Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable and religious purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and dedicated to the:
  • Prevention and reversal of community deterioration
  • Advancement of economic opportunities and tourism in the areas of Long Prairie (MN), Lake Minnewaska (Pope County, MN), and Sauk Centre (MN);
  • Promotion and facilitation of training for individuals to improve or develop their capabilities and/or educational opportunities;
  • Provision of assistance for the relief of the poor, distressed, or under-privileged;
  • Advancement of education and/or science; 
  • Elimination of prejudice or discrimination; and
  • Promotion of Social Welfare.
In order to carry out the purposed of the foundation, the foundation shall strive to:
  • Provide suitable grounds, buildings, apparatus and equipment;
  • Provide prescribed programs, courses of study and discipline; 
  • Acquire and receive by purchase, gift, devise, bequest or in any other lawful manner real and personal property; to own. hold, use, enjoy, sell and encumber such real and personal property;
  • Establish and administer endowment funds for the benefit of the corporation and its work; and
  • Do all things necessary and incidental to the successful carrying forward of the purposes of this corporation in a manner consistent with applicable non-profit, charitable organizations laws.
All grants provided by the Klick Foundation require a matching grant of two dollars for each dollar granted. The Klick Foundation grants cannot be used for consulting or soft money purchases.

Within the Klick Foundation is a Business Incubator function and a coordinator who serves the grantees in business development; facilitates the business, tourist, scholarship, and training investments; and coordinates the distribution of monies to the poor and provide grants to Education and Science.

All grants require annual proof of all business activities. Cooperation from grantees is necessary to receive continued funding in the case of long-term grant commitments. Additional questions can be answered by contacting the Klick Foundation.