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Philosophies Principles & Collaborations

The Klick Foundation: Underlying Philosophies & Principles
The Klick Foundation has a strong belief that: "People are best able to help themselves by doing and building their own livelihoods rather than being given money and public assistance without experienced direction." 
In addition, the Klick Foundation utilizes a "Pay it Forward" approach to helping others. "Pay it Forward" simply describes the concept of "Asking that a good deed be repaid by having it done to others instead."

Strengthening Collaborations

The Klick Foundation: Strengthening Collaborations
It's through open communications, building collaborations, and local commitments, that the core of our mission and work is completed. The Klick Foundation strives to achieve a stronger, shared impact through quality partnerships, innovative ideas and approaches to everyday issues, and sharing our underlying philosophies and principles. 
We welcome feedback, suggestions, and ideas for future partnerships and encourage you to contact us because we realize that open communications are critical to the research, assessment, and commitments of everything we do through the Foundation.