Economic Development

Located in western Minnesota, the Minnewaska Area local economy is comprised of manufacturing, healthcare, education, retail, service, tourism, agriculture, and transportation. The Minnewaska Area welcomes you to visit our business-friendly community.

Local leaders from all sectors of the population guides the economic development process in the Minnewaska Area. The Klick Foundation can assist with private and public partnerships which can:
  • Provide growth to the local job market;
  • Demonstrate a readiness and ability to generate and use funds effectively;
  • Link to specific measurable outcomes;
  • Provide stability for economic development through long-term collaborations and business transactions;
  • Strengthen a diverse community to become more competitive in the global economy; and
  • Encourage job growth and business expansion in areas such as:
    • Clean Energy;
    • Green Technologies;
    • Sustainable Manufacturing;
    • Information Technology;
    • Transportation;
    • Warehousing and Distribution;
    • Retail and Tourism; and
    • Housing.