Industrial Park

Industrial Park: Sections

The Industrial Park area is comprised on three portions, with nearly 70 acres. The Industrial Park area is divided into three core portions:
  • Center Park
  • Business Incubator
  • Kingdom Kids Child Care Center

Industrial Park: CAT's PT

The Klick Foundation has a complementary company (CAT'sPT) which is privately owned. CAT's PT owns additional land which will be the future home of the Center Park, which currently includes the:
  • Hoplin Industrial property;
  • Zavadil Industrial property;
  • Glenwood Development Corporation property; and an
  • Option for additional property in the Jerel area.
This area is approximately 68 acres and will be developed with rail access to serve as a transportation, distribution, and warehousing hub.
Manufacturing, industries, transportation, distribution, and specific service businesses can also be located within the park once the majority of the area is under contract for the main Center Park focus.
CAT'sPT currently owns the Center Park area, including the Jerel Building.