Each year, the Klick Foundation offers selected students internship opportunities.
2013 marked a special year of change for the internship opportunities, when the Klick Foundation partnered with local area manufacturers and businesses to expand the internship program, with the launch of the Minnewaska Area Entrepreneurial & Engineering Internship Opportunities.
Massman Automation Designs, LLC. headquartered in Villard, Minnesota; WASP, Inc.; and Healthcare Anytime, both headquartered in Glenwood, Minnesota joined the Klick Foundation efforts and offered summer internship opportunities. Engineering students from across the state had the opportunity to apply for various engineering internships, including but not limited to the areas of Electrical, Mechanical, and Information Technology.
The interns that successfully participate in the 10-week internship program are offered free housing during their internship program, courtesy of the Klick Foundation, and also are provided with the opportunity to earn wages and/or additional scholarship opportunities, while having the chance to network and gain valuable work experience in their related fields of study.

As part of that internship program, the students are required to provide a report on their work, experiences, and any recommendations that they may have which relate to the area they are serving during their internship.
The reports from past interns are available by clicking on the links related to their pages below. These reports are the views of the students and not necessarily the views of the Klick Foundation and are provide for the general public. We encourage you to read through the reports, share the reports, and email us with any comments you may have about the program, ideas, or if you wish to have some direct contact with the interns.

Contact Us if you are interested in becoming an Intern for the Klick Foundation.

Current & Past Interns