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Intern: Abby Huebsch (2011)

Special Thanks

I was born and raised in Perham, Minnesota, a rural community similar in size to the Minnewaska area. Growing up with a father who was on the Ottertail Board of County Commissioners and a mother who was on the School Board instilled a passion for politics in me at a young age and gave me a solid understanding of how rural communities operate and function.

I was so excited to have the opportunity to expand my knowledge of Minnesota government while researching rural communities, economic development, and counties; all the while learning more about things I’ve always been passionate about.

With the cooperation of University of Minnesota and the Klick Foundation, I was offered an internship where the cost of my time for research and time spent drafting this paper was covered. Keeping in mind my personal background and vision for the future, my professors agreed that I was a good candidate for this internship as well. My experience interning in Pope County was unparalleled and I know it will continue to serve me well in future endeavors. I am forever thankful to my professors and the Klick Foundation for this awesome experience.

Throughout the course of the internship, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet with many influential citizens and county officials with a wide array of opinions and ideas of how to change the world, beginning in Pope County. I was able to gain firsthand knowledge in how local government systems work.

This paper is coming to you via email from Washington D.C., where my current internship brought me. I was chosen to intern for Senator Amy Klobuchar and to continue to research business and economic development. My internship in Pope County has better prepared me for this new endeavor, as well as set the stage for a future full of endless possibilities.

Forever Thankful,
Abby Huebsch

Pope County Minnesota (2nd Edition) County Infrastructure & Opportunities for Economic Development