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Intern: Cody J. Gustafson (2013)

Special Thanks

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Minnesota Duluth and am looking forward to graduating in May 2014.
I am very excited to be interning as a mechanical engineer with Massman Automation, LLC in Villard, Minnesota this summer! I am very grateful to have been given this chance to apply what I have been learning at UMD to address real world challenges while contributing to the growth of Massman Automation.
I am also truly excited about the setting of this internship. I grew up in rural north central Minnesota between Bemidji and Grand Rapids so I possess a strong appreciation for nature and the outdoors. As such, I am glad to have been granted the chance to work and live in the small town settings of Villard and Glenwood.
Cody J. Gustafson