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Intern: Ethan Larson (2012)

Special Thanks

As a 2009 graduate from Minnewaska Area High School, I am a native Pope County (Minnewaska Area) resident. I was born in Glenwood (Minnesota) and raised in Lowry (Minnesota).
For several years, my mother, was in the daycare business which provided an opportunity for me to be around kids and learn to work with others in many ways. My dad worked in Information Technology (IT) for several years with Dairyland Computers as well as St. Michael’s Hospital in Sauk Centre.
It was around my junior year at Minnewaska Area High School that I began to realize that my interest in math and science was beginning to take me in a career direction similar to that of my father. I began to research different colleges and universities, what majors they had to offer, and what the biggest differences were between the two and four year IT and engineering programs and degrees.
Many of the people who are looking at this career path choose either North Dakota State University (NDSU) or the University of Minnesota. Most of those that choose NDSU simply do so because it is smaller and not in the twin cities, which can be scary for someone like me coming from a smaller, rural community such as this. The major differences between the two year and four year programs is the hands on training you receive at the two year level versus the theory based research and education behind the hands on applications at the four year level.
In the end, I finally decided on the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering for my field of study. The other factor that comes into play is the cost of the education and the time it takes to get into the working field, along with the potential income for the different degrees.
Once I decided on the place of study and the engineering degree, I applied for and received the Klick Foundation scholarship. After completing my first three years of study, I was offered an internship, through the cooperation of the University of Minnesota and the Klick Foundation, where the cost of my time for research and time spent which is summarized in this paper was covered.
Both the scholarship and this internship opportunity helped me get closer to my chosen career path. This internship provided a great opportunity to get my feet wet in a friendly environment with the freedom to learn and to come up with my own ideas. I would like to thank the professors, advisors, and the Klick Foundation for this memorable experience.   
I used to think that in order to find a good job, I would have to stay in a larger metropolitan area or even consider moving out of state. After this internship experience, I feel better prepared for my future career opportunities and now have a better understanding of the vast amount of entrepreneurial and local area businesses that could benefit from my education and experience, as well as set the stage for a future full of endless possibilities.
Forever Thankful,
Ethan Larson

Pope County Minnesota Internship: Mechanical Engineering & 3-D Printing Technologies