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Intern: Jared Dyreson (2013-14)

Special Thanks:

My name is Jared Dyreson and I graduated with the Minnewaska Area High School class of 2013.  I have been a resident of Glenwood, Minnesota for the duration of my high school education.  This coming fall I will be making the leap to attend college at The University of Minnesota – Twin Cities Campus.  While there I will be pursuing a double major for Mechanical Engineering and Computer Sciences.
For as long as I can remember I have always been the kid that would take things apart to see how they work, the one who would take random objects and try and build something out of them, and the one that loved to ask the “Why?” questions.  I have always been on the course to a career in the engineering field, however it seems that I had waited my whole high school career to get the more applied learning that I saw as a part of college.  This internship with the Klick Foundation was a real opportunity to learn something related to the field of engineering before I had even reached college.  In exploring both the 3D printing and 3D scanning technologies I expanded my knowledge in the areas of programming, computer modeling, chemical composition (specifically relating to the plastics used in printing), physics, and machining/prototyping.  Though the knowledge and skills I just mentioned are great and will help me vastly in the future, there is one thing more than any other that stands out to me as important.
My time with working with the Klick Foundation this summer has sparked in me the Entrepreneurial spirit.  It is amazing the sort of ideas and plans that become readily available within a person’s mind when they have tools like a 3D Printer or a 3D Scanner sitting in front of them ready to be used.  With the two pieces of such applicable and versatile technology at your fingertips, the possibilities are truly endless. I constantly came across things that would make me think: “Could this work?”  or “If that works that means it would be entirely possible to….”.  Many of these ideas are still a work in progress but I hope through the duration of my internship with the Klick Foundation over the next few summers I will be able to pursue some of these ideas.
In closing I would like to express the depth of my gratitude towards the Klick Foundation for everything that they have done for me.  Not only were they very generous in awarding a scholarship to help me finance my college career, but they were also able to help a handful of my friends and classmates in the same way.  Above all I value the opportunity I have been given this summer to explore technology that is new and is changing the world in big ways.  It has been a one of a kind experience working with these technologies and I trust it will continue to be in the coming summers.  I know that these experiences will help me both in my college endeavors, but also in my lifelong careers as well.
With great thankfulness,
Jared Dyreson

3D Printing and Scanning Technology