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Intern: Kyle Canaday (2010)

Forever Grateful

I was born and raised in New Brighton, just north of the cities, before moving to Minneapolis to attend the University of Minnesota to study Finance and Entrepreneurship. While growing up, I had always had a passion for real estate and entrepreneurship.  I never thought that I would have an opportunity to have an internship where I would get to combine both of my passions, until I heard about the Klick Foundation’s opportunity.  Since I had always lived in a large city, I was never exposed to the true value that a business can provide to rural communities similar to the Minnewaska area.

While working with Mr. Klick and the Klick Foundation, I had the opportunity to learn a lot about both his business and how it has had such a great effect on local residents.  Upon completion of my internship, I prepared a report detailing much of my work and observations, which can be viewed and downloaded below. The main goal in my report was to show how taxes play such an integral role in economic development, and at the same time, show how the city and small businesses could benefit if certain changes were considered and implemented.

Throughout my internship with the Klick Foundation, I was a part of many high-level meetings with many influential people within the Minnewaska community.   An opportunity like this is extremely unique and something that I would have never experienced had I taken an internship with a large company in the Twin Cities area.  

Since graduating from the Carlson School of Management in December of 2010, I was able to use my experiences and network from this opportunity to land a full time job working with a local real estate developer.

The experiences and influential connections I’ve gained through this internship are truly one of a kind and I am very grateful that both the Klick Foundation and Carlson School of Management were able to offer such a unique, rewarding internship.  Without them, I don’t think my career would be where it is today.  

Thanks again to everyone who I had the opportunity to meet and learn from over the duration of the internship.

Kyle Canaday

Pope County Minnesota Property Tax Analysis: Roads and Recommendations by Kyle Canaday