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Intern: Shane Allen (2013)

Special Thanks

I am majoring in Physics with an emphasis on Engineering and minoring in Mathematics. I will be graduating in Spring 2014 from the University of Minnesota's Twin Cities campus.
My internship with the Klick Foundation will be focusing on industrial sized aquaponics systems. My education and previous experience will be valuable in this endeavor and will be enhanced by the challenges and work of this project. The internship is a great opportunity for me to get experience in rural industries that otherwise would not be readily available to students in the cities, like me.
Having the chance to work in a rural area over the summer, far from the noise of the city, will be refreshing. I moved into the cities from a smaller outlying town only to pursue my degree and will welcome the return of to a more peaceful atmosphere like Glenwood.
Below, you will find a report about the work that I completed over the summer while working with the Klick Foundation. 
Best regards,
Shane Allen

Aquaponics Internship