The Klick Foundation Scholarship Fund in cooperation with the Institute of Technology, University of Minnesota & University of Minnesota Foundation

The Klick Foundation Scholarship was the idea of Brady Klick, who graduated from Minnewaska High School in 1996 and attended the Institute of Technology under the Cyrus Scholarship. He was very grateful to Mr. Richard Hanschen for starting and funding the Cyrus Scholarship and for the mentoring of the Cyrus Scholarship Foundation Board of Directors. Brady felt the best way the Klick family could say “thank you” was in providing the same opportunity that he had been given. Therefore, on August 8, 2008, the Klick Foundation established The Klick Foundation Scholarship in the Institute of Technology. 
The endowment was created because of the high regard for the University of Minnesota as an important institution in the state and its economy; because several family members obtained their educations at the University of Minnesota; and because assisting students from central Minnesota to attend the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology may further the Klick Foundation's objective of growing companies and high-paying jobs in central Minnesota.
The Klick Foundation seeks to award students who embrace their mission statement:
"Fostering and supporting minds that can conceive and believe a vision so that it can be achieved; a desire and the proper amount of faith to make possible things that are not available in today's world; a sense of determination and persistence that will not allow one to quit short of the goal; an appreciation of the specialized knowledge that some people possess; the leadership ability to blend together individuals into a cohesive team; and a boldness to climb the ladder of success while helping others get what they need and giving back to society what it needs for the proper advancement of everyone."

This gift established The Klick Foundation Scholarship, an endowment fund that will be held at the University of Minnesota Foundation to support new students with academic promise. Depending on available funds, it is the intent of the Klick Foundation that this endowment will eventually support four students in IT simultaneously.
Thanks to the University of Minnesota President's Scholarship Match Program, a dollar-for-dollar match, this endowment will provide twice as many funds for potential student recipients. The President's Scholarship Match Program is funded by the University of Minnesota and is subject to the policies of the University of Minnesota Board of Regents.

Klick Foundation Scholarship Details