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Scholarship Criteria

The Klick Foundation Scholarship will provide payments to full-time undergraduate students in the College of Science & Engineering (formerly known as the Institute of Technology) at the University of Minnesota according to the following guidelines:

Selection Criteria:

This award is for new students with academic promise. The Klick Foundation will actively promote the scholarship to students and will screen students for eligibility, making recommendations to the Institute of Technology's scholarship committee.

Eligibility Demographic:

In accordance to the donor's wishes, students eligible for the awards must come from Long Prairie/Grey Eagle High School, Sauk Centre High School, Minnewaska Area High School, or be former attendees of Camp Alpha located in Morris, Minnesota. Students from the above eligible schools or Camp Alpha attendees who have been admitted to the Institute of Technology are eligible to apply for the scholarship.
In the event that qualified students are lacking in a given year, or if the above high schools or Camp Alpha merge or close, the Institute of Technology may award the scholarship to students from other high schools in Big Stone, Chippewa, Grant, Lac qui Parle, Lincoln, Pope, Renville, Stevens, Swift, Todd, Traverse, Yellow Medicine, or Wadena counties in consultation with the Klick Foundation.

Prior to April 30, Qualified high school/undergraduate students must:

Have a grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale;
Remain in good standing at the Institute of Technology for the four year program while in IT; and
Be enrolled on  a full time basis as defined by the University to receive approximately $6,000 per year for years one and two and approximately $8,000 for years three and four (Note: These amounts may be adapted over time to allow for changes in tuition and other unpredictable factors so that The Klick Foundation Scholarship always remains a meaningful award).

Graduate Students:

Klick Foundation Scholars who obtain their undergraduate degree from the College of Science and Engineering are also eligible to apply for additional support from the Klick Foundation should they choose to pursue an MBA at the Carlson School of Management or a Master's Degree from the College of Science and Engineering.

Computer Assistance:

The Klick Foundation will fund 60% of the cost to purchase a laptop computer with the amount not to exceed $2,500 for each of the Klick Foundation Scholarship recipients.
The laptop can be obtained at any time during the student's collegiate career and will be purchased through the University of Minnesota.
The Klick Foundation will determine with IT each year the amount to be provided to Klick Scholars for computers and will provide the funds to IT, which will deposit them into a separate demand fund designated for this purpose, later to be directed to the specific students. Note: This portion of the fund will be segregated for accounting purposes and is NOT part of the President's Match. 
Reporting and Renewal of Funds:
If awarded a scholarship, it shall be the recipient's obligation to keep The Klick Foundation Scholarship committee informed of his/her progress in school in order to be awarded the scholarship money in subsequent years.

Responsibility for Selection:

Selection will be made by the Institute of Technology Scholarship Committee, in consultation with the Klick Foundation's screening process. The Klick Foundation will interview students from the selected geographic region who are admitted into IT.
The award is renewable to each student each year pending satisfactory progress toward an undergraduate degree and satisfactory reports to the Klick Foundation each semester, as noted above. The award may be used to cover the cost of tuition, fees, and computers.

Klick Foundation Scholarship Details